Glare free high beam: Night drive press event at the Nürburgring

As member of LightSightSafety, Automotive Lighting actively participated in planning an realization of this event.

Prominent support came from the professional racing driver Sabine Schmitz and Frikadelli Racing Team. Technical presentations formed the scientific frame of this press-event. The participating journalists enjoyed the night drive with volume cars equipped with the glare free high beam on the world famous Grand-Prix-track and then on the public road. Carrera slot car racing and live music provided great entertainment until late into the night.

Adaptive light functions became a safety factor and standard in the premium cars. Mid 2012, Volkswagen successfully equipped the Golf 7 with Xenon technology with the adaptive light functions. Doing so, they made an important step into the volume class. During our night drive event, the specialized journalists themselves had the possibility to experience the glare free high beam in this pioneer volume vehicle. Although the adaptive lighting technology is currently available for many vehicles, LightSightSafety knowingly decided to use in our test only the VW Golf 7. With this decision we wanted to spotlight the technology and focus only on it. Doing so, we avoided the brand related vehicle comparisons that would inevitably occur if various cars were used.

During the event, the professional car racing driver Sabine Schmitz referred to her very positive experiences with the glare free high beam. She addressed the car vendors with the demanding question: “ When will I get this light for my racing car?” Technical presentations built the theoretical base of the event. Among others, Christoph Schiller from the Technical University Darmstadt presented a scientific study about the “Adaptive Light on the Road”. During his lecture, Mr. Schiller disputed the attitudes of the adaptive light systems referring to the driving comfort and illumination of the road as well as considering the risk of blinding the other traffic participants. The journalists themselves gave the proof that the system works not only in theory but also on the road. In spite of having the high beam switched on, the oncoming and preceding vehicles are spared from the cone of light. The drivers avoid the blinding of other traffic participants, although the high beam was on, providing the perfect road illumination. The preconditions for using the system are: the automatic mode is on and the driving speed exceeds 80 km/h.

All manufacturers offer adaptive light systems as optional equipment available for an extra fee. In contemplation of the significant improvement of the driving comfort and safety, it still pays off to ask for intelligent adaptive light system while buying your next car.

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