Marelli Automotive Lighting is part of TINKER and Horizon 2020

TINKER is a consortium of 15 companies – mainly from industry and research – including Marelli Automotive Lighting.

Germany/Reutlingen, 9 November 2020

The consortium companies have recently joined their efforts in an EU funded “Horizon 2020” research project focusing on miniaturization of electronics and sensors by cumulating the know-how and R&D skills. The participating companies are among major players in the field of microelectronic manufacturing and processing and industrial fields applying or interested in applying so-called additive manufacturing (AM) for their needs.

In the period of three years, TINKER is going to develop a reliable and competitive pathway for sensor package fabrication. Widening the range of miniaturization and microelectronic fabrication it will support the constitution of a resilient economy and competitiveness in Europe and strengthen the European position in the field of sophisticated and future oriented electronics.

Participation in this European consortium gives Marelli Automotive Lighting an early and unique access to a novel LiDAR technology, in association with state-of-the-art production solutions. We are also sharing our growing competences in the field of ADAS sensors to tune the application scope of this technology toward the future Automotive LiDAR requirements and to ease the sensor integration process.

More information about the Consortium can be found on the web:


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