Next Generation LASER-Light

After the introduction of the LASER high beam in 2014 Automotive Lighting is launching the 2nd generation on the market.

The new LASER light source was further improved in various ways. The new module is significantly smaller – with unchanged performance. The improved, highly efficient optical system, using only one light source, shows approximately halved power consumption. The phosphor converter is still part of the complete module – as well as the multi-level safety concept and the fully integrated electronic control system.

The module fabrication is built for high volume series production. For the first time, the LASER beam is also intended for use in mid-range vehicles. In various series applications the new LASER-module will be used jointly with a LED sub-assembly on a quasi-cardanic pivoting unit. Controlled by camera-information, this high tech solution can be used as well in partial high beam mode.

This means a significantly increased operating time of the LASER source with improved driving safety under various traffic conditions during night time driving.

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